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Some milestones in the history of onion:

onion: was founded in 1991 as a company under the name of “Onion Unternehmensberatung Erb, Kugler + Co.”, the partners being Andreas Erb and Max Kugler. Urs Witschi was also involved from the start, although he did not represent the company at first. onion: gradually grew.

New partners joined: Beat Mattmann in 1994, Beat Maritz in 1995, the year that Urs Witschi officially became a partner, Gertrud Germann in 1998, Markus Kaiser and Markus Konrad in 2000, Judith Knobel in 2006, Andreas Kurt in 2008, Simone Inversini, David Kunz and Marc Wülser in 2012 and Ursula Preininger in 2020.

Some partners also left: Beat Mattmann and Urs Witschi in 2000 (the latter founded a new partnership in 2003); Andreas Erb died suddenly in 2005 from an undiagnosed vascular deficiency; a year later Max Kugler had a fatal fall while enjoying his great passion – paragliding; Beat Maritz died in January 2008 from a brain tumour. David Kunz left in 2015, Simone Inversini in 2016 and Gertrud Germann in 2022.

onion: has been based at various addresses. At first it was run by the partners from their homes. In 1995 the first conference room was rented in Baden. The following year a homebase was set up at Hirschlistrasse 6 in Baden and in mid-2008 onion: moved to Theaterplatz 4 in the same town. Since the end of 2016, the partners again work from their own premises.

Following intensive discussion, the original company was dissolved in 1994 in favour of the network. And in our opinion, it has proven highly successful to date.

During a cold and wet retreat in 2005 we came up with the formula that best describes our network: we are a “business-supporting social club”. The fact that this phrase brings Cuba to mind is pure coincidence – but appropriate, we feel.

On the business side, in other words with regard to customer relations, each member of onion: is responsible for his or her own products and for marketing them.

We are jointly responsible, however, for providing what gives us a firm footing and pleasure in life and work, for ensuring we provide high-quality consulting, for good interpersonal relationships, for exchanging ideas with interesting people, and for participating in sporting, social and cultural activities. We discuss, take part in the SOLA-Stafette (together with friends and clients), help clean an alp, go to concerts, organise small art exhibitions, attend readings of good literature, visit museums or go to the theatre together or we let us show, how people in different places are creating something really extraordinary, be it wine, books or sounds.

Our round birthdays we celebrate with a party! At the 10th anniversary we did so in a circus. And on a wonderful late summer evening in September 2016, we chatted and laughed and danced until late at night at Lake Zurich happy to celebrate our 25 years and that we are still vivid, developing and successful.