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Generation change

In the next few years, most companies and public institutions will be confronted with the challenge of a substantial loss of knowledge and management experience, triggered by the retirement of many baby boomers.

At a first glance, the challenge lies in recruiting to fill the vacancies and in maintaining valuable knowledge and experience within the organisation. Often, however, there is more at stake.

The younger generations have different approaches to leadership, creative leeway, hierarchy and they often also value their professional careers differently. Attention to diversity and how to deal with it is increasing. Technological changes in the world of work are also profound.

How does an organisation prepare for this fundamental change? How do these issues affect strategy, processes, structures, and culture?

We support companies in coping with the challenges triggered by generational change so that they can use them as an opportunity for holistic further development, for example in the following topics:

  • HR strategy
  • Culture, dealing with diversity
  • Structures and processes
  • Knowledge management
  • Leadership and cooperation

Judith Knobel

onion: sistema GmbH

"Beyond right and wrong there lies a place. There we meet." (Rumi)

I am fascinated by the various ways in which we perceive and see what is around us and use this as a basis for our convictions, different types of behaviour and concepts; they are a challenge to me in my daily work. When I am dealing with individuals, groups, or organisations I aim to ensure that these differences and the emotions that arise with them flow consciously and actively into problem-solving and further development. In this respect, my experience and knowledge, sense of humour and enthusiasm stand me in good stead.

Professional background

  • Independent organisational consultant and coach since 2001, owner of onion: sistema GmbH
  • Head of Department in the training and further education of head teachers (1999–2001)
  • Head of the Elternbildungszentrum der Stadt Zürich (1996–1999)
  • Deputy Director of the Psychologischer Dienst der Schweizerischer Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft (1990–1996)
  • Member of the Directory Board of a vocational school. 1986–1990)

Educational background

  • Continuous further training courses and regular peer coaching
  • Certificate in conflict management and mediation in organisations (2012)
  • Federal certificate in training and education (2008)
  • Diploma as systemic organisational consultant (2006)
  • Master in corporate development (2001)
  • Further training as psychotherapist (1997)
  • M.A. in applied psychology, University of Zurich (1988)


  • Organisations in the social services and healthcare fields, public sector, associations (organisational and team development, project monitoring, mediation)
  • Companies in all sectors (executive training, coaching, team development, mediation)
  • Schools (organisational development, further training and development, mediation, coaching)
  • Hospitals and interdisciplinary medical practices (organisational and team development, mediation, coaching)
  • Public sector, committees (role definition, team development, mediation)
  • Executives in all branches (coaching)


Miscellaneous information