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Generation change

In the next few years, most companies and public institutions will be confronted with the challenge of a substantial loss of knowledge and management experience, triggered by the retirement of many baby boomers.

At a first glance, the challenge lies in recruiting to fill the vacancies and in maintaining valuable knowledge and experience within the organisation. Often, however, there is more at stake.

The younger generations have different approaches to leadership, creative leeway, hierarchy and they often also value their professional careers differently. Attention to diversity and how to deal with it is increasing. Technological changes in the world of work are also profound.

How does an organisation prepare for this fundamental change? How do these issues affect strategy, processes, structures, and culture?

We support companies in coping with the challenges triggered by generational change so that they can use them as an opportunity for holistic further development, for example in the following topics:

  • HR strategy
  • Culture, dealing with diversity
  • Structures and processes
  • Knowledge management
  • Leadership and cooperation

onion: Consultancy Network

As partners in onion: Consultancy Network we are linked by a mutual desire for a society in which a balance exists between economic, ecological and social values. At the same time, this desire is the guiding principle for what we do and how we do it.

Through our consultancy work we help to ensure that companies and organisations are successful in the marketplace and that their staff produce effective work in a positive working environment that allows them to develop.

As a rule, our task is to help steer, monitor and assess our clients’ development processes. Our work is based on the awareness that the responsibility for a problem and how to solve it lies at all times with the client, that there is not necessarily only one correct way to meet the client’s requirements and that our intervention can produce desired and undesired effects, even in unexpected places. This systemic understanding influences how we work.

The basis for cooperation at onion: Consultancy Network is mutual trust, openness and concern, an interest in what the other partners are doing and in the possibility of joint professional development. We work together for our clients, we exchange know-how and experience and we learn with and from each other.

The partners in onion are all independent from a business point of view and each is responsible for his or her own products and for marketing them. We are linked by a network because in this way we can achieve added professional and personal value for our clients and for our professional activities.

onion: Consultancy Network was founded in 1991.

Some milestones in the history of onion: