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The dynamics of digital developments influence almost all areas of the world of work; organisations are increasingly using technologies to support their core tasks. It is noticeable that digital systems and tools are often implemented from a technological perspective only. The many diverse interdependencies, for example, with the tasks of the employees, with processes and structures or with the requirements for leadership and cooperation are sometimes underestimated.

These diverse relationships and interdependencies are what we particularly focus on as consultants. We support organisations, for example, in dealing with the following topics and issues:

Relationships between people and technology

  • How do we deal with changing job specifications?
  • How do competence requirements change, how can we develop our employees in a meaningful way and direction?
  • How do we support a careful balance between work and private life?
  • How do we deal with increasing acceleration?
  • Relationships between processes/organisation and technology

    • What is the impact of the digitally driven increase in process automation?
    • What interdependencies between features of digitalisation and the flexibilisation of the world of work need to be actively shaped?
    • Relationships between leadership and technology

      • What needs to be considered when distance leadership increases?
      • Which forms of leadership will become more important as digitalisation increases?
      • How do management practices and processes change with the support of digital tools?
      • Relationships between information- and knowledge management and technology

        • How do cooperation requirements change when digitalisation increases?
        • How can the transfer of knowledge and information be sensibly designed?