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Innovation is one of the driving forces behind a healthy economy with a future. Depending on the context, the word “innovation” can be interpreted in various ways. Private companies must be able to define their uniqueness in the marketplace through new business models, technological innovation and high-quality services and consequently to create workplaces for qualified staff. Public sector and non-profit organisations need to recognise and influence social trends; in this case, innovation is often linked to information management and institutional openness to cooperation.

Innovation and cooperation grow as part of a corporate culture where talented and motivated staff are given sufficient freedom to develop in line with a clear strategy and effective processes. This is particularly true for Open Innovations Systems.

We have many years’ experience in research, innovation and patents and help private companies and the public sector to develop aspects that help to achieve innovation and cooperation.

Our range of services includes:

  • help in drawing up innovation strategies and processes,
  • help in establishing a corporate culture that encourages innovation and open innovation,
  • running creativity workshops.

Andreas Kurt

onion: process & innovation

I originally studied behavioural biology and spent several years observing the hierarchical behaviour of wild chimpanzees in the West African rain forest, which in one way or another proved to be an excellent basis for my later career, for daily management tasks and present-day consultancy activities. Apart from a broad range of insights, I have brought with me an inner peacefulness and the ability to continually see things afresh and to delight in my surroundings.

I help firms, organisations, executive and teams to find solutions in the field of process and innovation management. For me it is important that the solutions that are chosen are in line with the client’s strategy and can be firmly embedded in corporate culture, so that the processes are adopted in full and the innovations develop in a sustainable way.

Professional background

  • Independent consultant since 2004, director of Tarana GmbH, Schönenberg
  • Joined onion: Consultancy Network in 2008
  • Member of the senior executive and Head of Patents and Design at the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property, pioneer of new public management and successful advocate of good governance in the federal administration (1999–2004)
  • Head of Marketing at the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property (1996–1999)
  • Involvement in and manager of various development cooperation projects and in national park management in African countries

Educational background

  • M.Sc. in biology, University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, specialisations: behavioural biology and ecology
  • Courses in industrial economics, political economics and intellectual property rights


  • Public sector and closely linked organisations
  • Innovative companies, in particular in the technical field
  • Associations and societies, in particular in the fields of environment and healthcare
  • Universities, academies and research institutions

Miscellaneous information

  • Member of the Association of Management Consultants Switzerland, asco
  • Projects published in Public Management by Norbert Thom (2008) and Fallbeispiele zur Betriebswirtschaft (Case Studies in Industrial Economics) by Jean-Paul Thommen (2008)