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Conflict is a common if unwelcome phenomenon. Factual differences and disagreements are accompanied by unpleasant emotions that make it difficult to approach each other. Conflicts tie up a lot of energy, cause annoyance, fuel anger and fear. And yet they can also open opportunities and perspectives. The faster conflicts are addressed, the greater the chance that they can be guided to a constructive solution. The ability to address conflicts constructively or to put helpful support measures in place is particularly important for leaders.

We are familiar with the dynamics of conflict. We can help our clients prevent a conflict from further escalating and offer support to individuals and groups in finding their way out of a difficulty, analysing a situation and deciding on and adopting a solution.

We take on the following tasks on behalf of our clients:

  • assistance and mediation in acute conflict situations
  • providing support for individual parties in a conflict by analysing the situation and one’s own behaviour and searching for a solution
  • devising and running seminars and workshops