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Research management

In Switzerland research is carried out to an equal extent in the R&D departments of private companies and in the laboratories of state universities.

Private-public partnerships in particular are the source of results aimed at practical use. Such partnerships are often set up at an international level and include various centres of excellence. In this way research generates an immediate supply of jobs and economic gain.

The policies adopted by Switzerland and the EU also recognise this phenomenon in that they include measures concerning education, research and innovation in one and the same message.

The implementation of partnership-based research often requires a structured way of working in which common aims are defined, areas of responsibility and patent rights are clearly set out and funding has to be ensured. At the same time, there must be the will to instigate measures that help to combine the know-how inherent in different cultures and institutions and to motivate people to aim for excellence.

We have a good many years’ experience in international research management, technology transfer and settling patent matters and can offer universities, research laboratories and federal offices for education and research the following services:

  • strategical advice and organisational assistance for research projects at universities,
  • support for drawing up the structural, contractual and financial aspects of research partnerships,
  • specialised expertise in the fields of education, research and innovation.